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Celebrating true character


using the classic 18th century technique of wet
plate collodion photography

Single Estate Gin does not come easy. It requires time - a lot of time, and skill - a lot of skill. We must grow our grain, harvest our crop, create our alcohol and finally distill our classic dry gin. We could of course make our lives infinitely easier and adopt the usual methods but that is not the Jawbox way. Our gin is inspired by the magnificent industrial era in our history when ordinary men and women created greatness through graft and craft. They were responsible for many of the most astonishing achievements to ever come from this city and rarely did it come easy.

When creating the imagery to accompany our gin we chose to stand by these values and in doing so adopted the techniques of this era. Wet Plate Collodion is a photography technique pioneered in the mid 18th Century and like our gin it requires patience, skill and alchemy in equal measure. Jim Maginn, our photographer of choice, was briefed to champion the working people of our city - the people that make our city great today. Bar owners, tour guides, creatives and stall owners are among those who have taken up the mantle in front of the camera. What would take 1 minute with modern tools takes infinitely longer when adopting such old techniques but there is no substitute for time and hard work. Photographs are exposed onto glass or anodised aluminium plate using a concoction of chemicals and the results are such that they can never be recreated with modern tools. UV light is captured in a different way and graft and craft rule supreme.

Here are a few of the true characters of the city that Jawbox Gin has captured.  It’s great to meet you....