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Jawbox and Ginger
jawbox and ginger

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The original Belfast serve

Belfast was famous for many things. Mighty ship building, strong rope making, delicate linen weaving and of course the most lasting legacy of them all - Refreshing Ginger Ale inventing.

At Jawbox we are proud of what we have brought to the world, so we ask you to set aside the usual in favour of the unusual and raise a glass with Jawbox Gin and Ginger to our great achievement. Thank you Belfast.

  • 50ml Jawbox Gin
  • Pour the Jawbox Gin into an ice filled glass and top up with Ginger Ale


In Belfast we love a good fight with our friendly neighbour. In 1825 Grattan & Company was formed in Belfast and in the 1850’s laid claim to inventing Ginger Ale. Confident in their claim they embossed their bottles with the slogan “The original makers of Ginger Ale.” which was possible, but not provable.

Dr. Cantrell disagreed with his own claim to have pre-empted this invention in Belfast some time earlier, but without proven production before this date he has played second fiddle to the Gratton & Company claim.

Step in W.A Ross & Son, also of Belfast, who patented the apparatus to make this fine beverage and we have a thoroughly confusing state of affairs.

Predictably the feuding parties never did agree.